Nr.004 UFOFBI "Dreamtrash Dreamtrash"

Nr.004 UFOFBI "Dreamtrash Dreamtrash"

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Forming with the idea to have no ideas or expectations, UFOFBI attempts to bring those things undiscovered yet still familiar to their songs and performances. With the basic setup of guitar, bass and drums the trio, comprised of Swedes Rebecca Digby, Jefferey Kriksciun and Kevin Luna, is fluid and changing with who plays what, when and how. Influenced by the spontenaity of the lo-­fi movements such as No Wave in the 1970’s and K records but aspiring towards the the romantic absurdity of 50’s bubblegum pop and early country music, UFOFBI aims to feel the boundaries of what they conceive to be pop music knowing they will never get there, but settling sometimes anyways, somewhere between their slacker punk ethos and the dreamtrash to which they can only aspire.
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