Nr.016 The Lighthouse, the Rooster, the Tears

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Oma333 Nr.016 is an amazing collection of mid-20th century Brazilian folk recordings put together by Ian Nagoski of Canary Records entitled; "The Lighthouse, the Rooster, the Tears". They were selected around 2007 from a few dozen 7" records of ethnographic recordings released in the mid-70s under the sponsorship of the Brazilian government. The sound restoration was made in 2014 and this is the only physical form this selection is available in. 100 pea green tapes with white body printing will be available and the design has been wonderfully put together by John Hubbard of @Erikoismerkki Kirjasuunnittelu. Here's a taster and, while you're there, do please look into all the glorious music to be found on the Canary Records Bandcamp page