No.036 Cheap Imitation "No More Weekend"

No.036 Cheap Imitation "No More Weekend"

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Cheap Imitation - "No More Weekend" Oma333 No.36

Fun story ahead! Anders Olofson was someone who I only vaguely knew as being into the good stuff but we'd met just a few brief times over the years at shows etc. I borrowed his flat in Göteborg this spring when I went to DJ for Koloni's 14th birthday party and messaged him about his wifi or something and realised he'd sent me tracks from his duo Cheap Imitation, together with Ann-Charlotte Rugfelt Ferm, that I had promised to check out ages ago :/ So there I am, on his very bed, beneath his Shimizu tote bag hanging from the wall and surrounded by so many great tapes and finally listening in to this wonderful music! It didn't take me long to agree to put this beauty out and thankfully I still could. Perhaps you'll also hear the ascending diamonds I heard or the lovely throbbing dubby echoes panning from left to right? maybe even get the same thrill I got from the way the ghostly, subtle drum machine beats sneak underneath the vocals or also see the homes for robots being built and then destroyed as if the workers got all the measurements wrong? Either way you'll hear the quality, for sure! Threads to be heard include, to my ears; Throbbing Gristle, Germain Hubert Ales, The Flying Lizards (!), U.S Girls early stuff, Inca Ore and it was nice to hear that Myttys also served as an inspiration, one of the greatest albums I ever put out! 100 clear prison tapes are now available with silver body printing and designed by the legendary artist Mogu Takahashi (JAP) who was nice enough to allow us to use her wonderful artwork! Here is a sneak peek inside with “I Just Want More”...
Also check this lovely video out for "They Walk And I Walk"