No.034 "The Human Sound" a mixtape by Julian Murray

No.034 "The Human Sound" a mixtape by Julian Murray

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Mister Julian Murray has been part of the Oma333 and Mother family since always. Label wise he mixed the UFOFBI tape and is one half of Tv Dinner Education which was the very first Oma333 vinyl release back in 2015, both put out together with Hockey Rawk. Before that he'd played numerous times with Munnen or as Målgrupp, or with others, at events I'd arranged but it took me a while to realise just how deep his record collection went. The fact is he's been seeking out rare dub, wave, punk, International and experimental 7"s and LP's since his early teens and this guy knows his shit!

He's put together a truly inspiring mix tape running the widest spectrum of any I've had the pleasure of putting out. Side A goes from early Brazilian electro-acoustics to American free jazz to Japanese Art rock to tape manipulations to avant garde no wave and we are barely 12 minutes in! as we carry we are treated to Field Recordings from Africa and Australia, Musique Concrète from mid fifties America as well as tracks from Industrial innovators or a rare slice of minimal pop art NYC genius. LORDY!

Side B skips seamlessly from abstract soundtracks to Belgian experimentalists, post punk from early eighties Berlin to a tune which comes across like a robots love song in an empty factory. Finnish dreamers with toy synths, Gongs of Cambodia, electronic ballet scores by a forward thinking Dutchman created 60 years ago! Somehow he keeps this balance superbly, with a blend of modern composers placed right next to those who likely inspired them decades before or a Congolese dance chant sat pretty besides some dark mutant electronics. TADA! Only Julian could pull that off

Heta Bilaletdin designed the tape cover/body printing and 50 metallic green tapes will be available to buy from October 12th. They are an hour long and, as always, the track list will be sent on request but only after first listen. Here is a sneak peek at whats inside…