No.29 Tsembla mixtape "Jester's Journey"

No.29 Tsembla mixtape "Jester's Journey"

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Tsembla mixtape "Jester's Journey" Oma333 No.29

Marja Johansson aka Tsembla first came my way via Myspace, of all places, when she messaged me asking for a Stockholm show way back in 2010. She is a Swedish-Finnish artist making beautiful music in Turku and I gladly welcomed her as support for Kriget at Landet that spring.

As Tsembla she "rides on waves of warped melodies, fluttering rhythms, abstract voices and mutating textures, crossbreeding the known and the imaginary." making perfect instrumental miniatures. She came back to perform a great set again many years later at Fylkingen on a magical bill including Tomutonttu, Lise-Lotte Norelius and the films of Nadine Byrne.

So yeah she became a friend and she is certainly someone who's music taste I trust wholeheartedly. We were chatting while I was listening to her mix and within 10 minutes I already knew I wanted to release it. Its the perfect summer mixtape!

So what do we have here then? underwater music from Italian and French library legends, stunning solo harp compositions, minimalist sound sculptures, lush orchestral romanticism from almost lost soundtracks, one man orchestras, tastes of true musique concrète from the early ages, haunting tonal pieces of transcendental states, African percussion music mixed with field recordings, acoustic and electronic instruments at peace.
This is spiritual music made by time travellers!

100 hour long hi viz pink tapes are available from today with gorgeous cover artwork and body printing design by Pauliina Mäkelä who's work I've long admired (since the Fonal records tour poster of 2011). Covers again lovingly risograph printed by Risiko Press in Antwerp.

Track list only available after first listen but here is two sneaky peeks inside...
Barton Smith - "The Musical Box"
Ras G - "Along The Way"