No.28 Miaux Pop mix "Svedski Sto"

No.28 Miaux Pop mix "Svedski Sto"

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Miaux Pop mix "Švedski Sto" Oma333 No.28

Mia Prce aka MIAUX is Sarajevo born, Antwerp based and makes very special music." Peter Larsson grabbed me a copy of one of her first Ultra Eczema released 7"s way back but I didn't get to see her play live until Helsinki's Flow Festival 2014 on Sami's always impressive stage.  
I was as hypnotised as anyone who sees her must be. Just her and a synth on a big stage playing deceptively simple melodies which can't help but seep into you. She was wearing a white dress and it almost felt like she was playing a lost lament to being left at the altar by her childhood sweetheart.
Others have described her music as "an open sounding uptightness, sad but (really) true (to herself)" which is a great way of putting it.

I booked her to play Stockholm six months later on an amazing Fylkingen night including Altar of Flies, Leif Elggren and Broken Lights and we stayed in touch.
Later down the line I couldn't help but notice her habit of often posting great music, with much of it unfamiliar to me. I asked her to make a mix for Oma333 and she has come through with a killer collection!

Within this superb hour long mix you'll find songs you know, but may have neglected, genres that shouldn't sit well together but somehow do, as well as many portals into stuff you've never heard, nor would you have ever been likely to come across.
So here we find the aged melodies and florid guitar picking of a Turkish former dentist, fifth generation rock and roll by a Moroder produced British New Wave band, a rocking Macedonian love song for its capital city, guitar-synthesizer pop from a crazy duo from Ghent, a lo-fi garage stomper from Croatia, a classic Jamaican rocksteady tune and a R'n B blaster by a badass sixties girl group.
Whats not to like?

100 fluorescent orange and black tapes are available from today with amazing artwork by Dennis Tiefus (Ultra Eczema) who's work I've loved forever! Covers again lovingly risograph printed by Risiko Press in Antwerp.

Track list only available after first listen but here is two a sneaky peeks inside...
Hali Gali Halid - "Hajde Da Se Drogiramo"
Delta 5 - "Mind Your Own Business"