No.25 "No One Cares" International 78rpm discs, ca. 1912-55

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"No One Cares"
International 78rpm discs, ca. 1912-55
Oma333 No.25
A stunning selection of beautiful performances from all corners of the planet. Japan to Iran, Columbia to India, Greece to Cuba and beyond. Expertly complied by Ian Nagoski of Canary Records and most of these tracks haven't previously been reissued; "seven were used on the CDR-only release "Uncollected Records." The rest were used in various lectures & presentation give ca. 2010-13 and made available here for the first time." Amongst the many favourites of mine can be found "Chief's Honouring Song" by William Horncloud, Ben Sitting Up & Frank Afraid of Horses - (Sioux) and "Danza Mora "que vienen los moros"" by Canalejas & Pepe Hurtado (Spain). 120 burnt orange tapes with black body printing are now available to pre order, beautifully designed by John Hubbard and with covers masterfully risographed by Risiko Press in Antwerp. Hear a sneak peek inside with "Grito Vagabundo" by Guillermo Buitrago of Colombia;