No.038 Man Rei "An Awkward Guest"

No.038 Man Rei "An Awkward Guest"

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Man Rei "An Awkward Guest" Oma333 No.38

Kristin Reiman sent me an email two months ago asking if Oma333 was still active and if I could give her some feedback on her music saying it was "worth a shot". An hour and a half later I mailed her back to say that she makes beautiful music and that I'd be very happy to put out whatever she wants to. At that stage I was only planning on releasing just the two tapes to mark the five years but I'm proud and humbled to say that she was inspired to create 10 new tracks for this tape in a super short period of time, with only Trikdyti being slightly older.
She is Estonian but Frankfurt based and I hear shades of Ela Orleans or Death and Vanilla in her music, despite it all being very much of her own.
Hummed melodies either encourage in or chase away other synth lines, often overlapping in a way that feels very natural. Sections pulse with insomnia but the type thats somehow welcomed, like the soundtrack to a very late night which provides some creative use. Sometimes it’s nice to get lost in a maze and hey maybe the whispering walls are there to comfort instead of unnerve? Your call.
100 clear prison tapes are now available with silver body printing and designed by the genius which is none other than Leif Ellgren (SE/KREV). I saw a recent poster he made and thought it was worth a shot myself :) So glad he agreed and shared some of his magic with us! Here is a sneak peek inside with Smalltalker;