No.035 "Collecting Net" a mixtape by Marlena Lampinen

No.035 "Collecting Net" a mixtape by Marlena Lampinen

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The very first year of Oma333 was rounded off neatly with a killer mixtape made by Marlena, under the alias of Coco & Pura, which marked the 12th tape in the first 12 months. 3 years on she becomes the only person to make a return with "Collecting Net" the 35th release on the label that "doesn't only do mixtapes no, but yes, these 3 happen to be ok?, *sigh"

True to the spirit of her last mix, here we again find a very different distinction between sides A and B. The first side is awash with minimal and New Age tracks; lots of synths and pipes joined together by the sounds of waves and campfires, all very sparse and celestial. It includes contributions from modular gurus of the mid eighties and rare experimental gems from future Japan as well as 2 tracks from the Moloton label she co runs, one of which is being a taste of her very own music.

Flip the tape and you will find a newly released French Goth/Punk track which sounds like it's been buried in a Parisian sewer since the seventies, the robotic brooding march of Suicide's producer solo work and a beautiful dark-wave tune recorded on a reel to reel by a JG Ballard inspired British duo.

She designed the tape cover and body printing herself and 50 clear green tapes will be available to buy from today. They are an hour long and, as always, the track list will be sent on request but only after first listen. Here is a sneak peek at whats insideā€¦