No.032 "Mixi Tapetaan?" a mixtape by Jaakko Eino Kalevi

No.032 "Mixi Tapetaan?" a mixtape by Jaakko Eino Kalevi

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First time I met Jaakko was at Flow Festival just after he'd finished a DJ set there which included of a fine selection of weird disco and slick pop, if I recall rightly. I'd fallen hard for his Modern Life record by that point so I probably came over like a bit of fan boy, but we ended up hanging out at various festivals or Stockholm visits over the coming years. His self titled follow up LP is one of the albums of the decade for me and I was proud as hell to finally get to co-present him live, together with Fritz's Corner at Scandic Malmen, just before Mother Events stopped two years back.
Clearly the guy has taste so it should come as a surprise to no one that his mix tape rules.

Side A is slow builder full of songs with a certain grace and night-bus-home music. We meet an Italian falsetto tracing the ghost of an absent lover and an American jazz session musician playing his lounge singer role to croon another lament to lost love. We hear a Japanese electone sighing it's bitter sweet lullaby, while at the other end we delve into a kind of funeral dirge (same country, different world) that sounds both primitive and futuristic simultaneously.

Side B contains everything from a German progressive Jazz track (I know but it's awesome) which somehow brings to mind K&D but a whole generation earlier, French synth pop with a twisted edge, synthesised bedroom funk from a cross gender Dutch performer found in the vaults of Amsterdam's cult label Fetisj and the tape ends with some heavy dance floor filling Italo disco and proto house jams. Oh and by the way "Mixi Tapetaan?" is Finnish for "Why do we kill?"

Roope Eronen designed the tape cover/body printing and 100 mushroom grey tapes will be available to buy from October 12th. They are an hour long and, as always, the track list will be sent on request but only after first listen. Here is a sneak peek at whats insideā€¦