Nr.010 Morbida / Medicine Bow

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Oma333 Nr.010 is a split tape of Morbida (IT) and Medicine Bow (US). Morbida is Caterina Barbieri's slow wave project and this is her debut EP, released 2 months after her debut LP came out also on tape via Important Records. This is beautiful music which could be described as tender melodies sculpted in marmoreal drones and utopistic architectures of light and shadow rising from chord progressions and soft vocals. Medicine Bow is a project of Kali Malone and this is her first tape release. She plays in H√§stk√∂ttskandalen, Swap Babies, Taxi Taxi and Imaginary Planet. Using electronics and the guitar, she creates a kaleidoscopic sound mass compiled of dense harmonic outbreaks and gestural melodies. These are breathtaking pieces of music.120 cassettes available. Metallic red tapes with white body printing. Designed by them both but put together with the help of Peter Larsson.