Nr.022 Kraus "Golden Treasury"

Nr.022 Kraus "Golden Treasury"

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A medieval stomp comes through your left speaker, a drunk robot soundtrack wanders out of your right. A laser pulse rips out of a homemade synth. A fuzzy guitar line dances the off beat. Kraus sounds like the best circus ever!
I was blessed to come across his music via his Supreme Commander tape found at Audio Foundation in Auckland (thanks for the tip Chris!). It was a great comfort for my long trip home. The awesome KRAAK crew brought him over last year for their festival and I warmly welcomed him over to play at Fylkingen with Marijn on drums (Sweat Tongue). Superb gig! 
Anyways Ultra Eczema recently put out his decade old album "I Could Destroy You with a Single Thought" on vinyl and all 200 sold mighty swiftly. This got me thinking about what else was lurking in his closet and here we are! Golden Treasury is from 2009 and full of gems including my old favourite "Dog on the Loose". Grab one of these beauties while you can!  
150 grey tapes with black body printing. Released on Dec 12th. Designed by Peter Larsson with a Kraus supplied image. Risograph print by Jan Matthé.