Nr.008 Jason Urick "The Day"

Nr.008 Jason Urick "The Day"

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Jason Urick is Portland based and he has released his last 3 albums on Thrill Jockey, home of Tortoise, Trans Am, Wooden Shjips, Zomes and many others. 
Oma333 is honored to play host to his latest release "The Day" recorded just after his last album "I Love You" came out in 2012. 
It's a stunning collection of dark electronics.   
Tribal drum mantras break on top of insect beats, fermented drone pulses are weaved within dub ghosts, snatches of heartbreaking vocals emerge dissected and are briefly shown the light before being sent back to where they came from.

I've welcomed Jason twice to Stockholm, firstly to play with Ecstatic Sunshine and later with Hype Williams and we've very much stayed in touch in between. He's also a killer DJ so look out for his Oma333 mix tape next year!
Artwork by Peter Larsson. Black body printing on military grey cassettes. 
Edition of 133. Teaser video by Kevin Luna