Nr.018 Hata Unacheza

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Oma333 Nr.018 will be "Hata Unacheza" and its a sublime Sub-Saharan Acoustic Guitar & String Music compilation from the 1960s. Compiled by Ian Nagoski in 2007 as a direct response to Mississippi Records' collection Lipi Kodiya City Council, using many of the same source LPs, most of them serious ethnographic work released in Europe and the U.S. (Some songs later wound up on Mississippi's Africa Guitar box set.) Originally issued as a CDR through the True Vine and Weirdo Record shops. Sound restoration in 2013. 100 pale seventies blue tapes with white body printing will be available and John Hubbard's designs completes the trio perfectly. These will go swiftly so don't snooze on them! Here is a favourite of mine "Okwagala Omulungi Kwesengereza" by Uganda's Temusewa Mukasa