Nr.006 DJ Thi-Lot  "*blip* soundtrack [on]"

Nr.006 DJ Thi-Lot "*blip* soundtrack [on]"

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Lotti made me a birthday mix a couple of years ago in the form of an unmarked self decorated CD which I forgot to listen to for many months. When I finally did check it out, my mind was blown and I bugged all my best taste music friends to track down who'd made it, and to get hold of the track list. One tune sounded like the smurfs on acid in a kazoo marching band and I happened to end up playing it first to Lotti with the words "hey check this out!" HA! This tape includes some of the tracks from that mix and a bunch of other amazing things ranging from Japanese proto disco to a song made by some genius child via anarcho punk and loads of robot music!
Aqua blue tapes, aqua blue cases, cover designed by Marlena Lampinen.
Limited edition of 50 copies. Track listing only emailed after first listen 
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