Nr.007 DJ Singasongfighter "Two minutes (is all you need...sometimes)"

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Karl Jonas gave me the first actual mix tape I'd been given in years entitled "two minutes is all you need (sometimes)" at the Mississippi Records event we did together in the summer of 2013. It consisted only of songs that are two minutes long, or less, many of which I didn't know and a few songs that I was already very fond of. The mix was great and repeatedly spun that autumn so I suggested releasing a longer version on Oma333. He collected together another sides worth of stuff ranging from lo-fi love songs to tuareg jams and from hip hop poetry to folk ballads. So here it is; a wonderful hour's worth of many different genres in perfectly short lengths. 
Baby pink tapes, yellow cases, designed by Rasmus Westman
Limited edition of 50 tapes. Full track listing only emailed after first listen