Nr.005 DJ Bongo Man "Legon Flutes"

Nr.005 DJ Bongo Man "Legon Flutes"

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The first time I heard this mix I was in a car full of Swedes entering Tampere on a dark, cold and wet day on the way to Sami's (Fonal Records) festival. Its full of bright, beautiful African music, with a touch of reggae, and it was quite a contrast to the damp, dull world outside the windows that autumn afternoon. It became a favorite soundtrack of ours over little tours that year and a handful of these tunes are staples in my DJ set. I'm proud as hell to be able to give Legon Flutes its first actual tape release via Oma333, all these years after it was originally made for the RBDX blog. 
"The young Bongo Man has dropped his full record collection in a rainbow magic fluid, a liquid with large bubbles and Static purple smoke, this accident has transformed the sound of his vinyl collection forever, out of tune, dusty, sweet, weird and sentimental." Lawrence Le Doux
"One night meditating under the branches of his favorite baobab, Dj Bongo Man listened to the whispers of the sebene spirits. Be inspired by this sorcerer's teachings." (DJ Bonzai Tarzan) 
Orange cassette, pink cases, designed by Collerette Coco Fill lsd  
Limited edition of 100 copies. Track listing only emailed after first listen.