Nr.019 Day for Night / Night for Day - A mixtape by Ela Orleans

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Ela Orlean’s hauntingly beautiful pop music is full of perfectly placed samples which have been aptly described as movies for ears. Even a casual observer couldn't fail to miss the fact that this woman's fine influences run deep and I was delighted to hear the mix she made, for A Sound Awareness blog, proving this point wholeheartedly.
I've proudly presented her live three times in Stockholm so I asked her to put together a mixtape for Oma333 and boy did she!
This is a killer mix of early electronics, Afrobeat from Benin, French psych, Czech electro-acoustic works, moon music with some heavy slices of dub and much more!
Much of its hours length is also interspersed with samples from old movies, sixties tv shows and various audio books which frame this soundscape perfectly.
Cover designed by Katerina Seth, body print by Peter Larsson and there will only be 100 apricot coloured tapes made available from Sept 18th. Track list can be emailed after first listen but here are two sneak peeks: