Nr.009 Dammit I'm Mad / Chicagojazzen Split "Golden Oldies"

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Chicagojazzen is multi-instrumentalist Erik Karlsson. He makes music in his parents basement in Skellefte√• which is a small northern Swedish town.
This collection of tracks were made in 2010/11 and planned for an EP that never saw the light of day. 
They are typically hard to pin down or describe. Equal parts inspired by afrobeat or free jazz as he is by metal, kraut or no wave, his music somehow sounds often like all of that and none at the same time. 
This is music that side-steps genres. This is music that has a darkness to it that somehow still leaves you smiling. This is pop but not as you know it.
I'm immensely proud that the Irrlicht label asked me to arrange the release party for the debut Chicagojazzen album and that, after presenting him and his band another 4 times, I find myself releasing this gem, his 13th since then. 
Golden Oldies indeed! 
Artwork by Peter Larsson. White body printing on red coral cassettes. 
Edition of 133. Split release with Dammit I'm Mad. 
Teaser video by Kevin Luna 


Dammit I'm Mad
 is Anton Toorell (Invader Ace) and Christian Augustin (Soldier One). They are amongst the list of my favorite Swedish bands ever.
This is a selection of tunes I've had a long and happy history with, recorded between 2009 and 2012.
They started off wanting to do something that combined plinky-plonk, math-rock like electric guitars with lo-fi drums and smooth synthesizers and ended up very much like a Deerhoof side project doing Lightning Bolt covers. 
The pair wear masks in a live setting, somehow playing various instruments at the same time and you can hear shades of Kraftwerk, Merzbow andPac-Man in what they do. 
I basically forced them to figure out how to play this stuff live many years ago and proudly presented their first gig. 
I have since given them the support slot when R Stevie Moore came to town and he became an instant fan. 
Holding this tape in my hands I just can't believe my luck. 
The most Golden of the Oldies is finally out! 
The world will shake 
Artwork by Peter Larsson. White body printing on red coral cassettes. 
Edition of 133. Split release with Chicagojazzen. 
Teaser video by Kevin Luna