Nr.003 Blood Music "Bits and Pieces for Aunts n Nieces"

Nr.003 Blood Music "Bits and Pieces for Aunts n Nieces"

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Blood Music is the name given to the wonderful sounds of Karl Jonas Winqvist aka Singasongfighter and previously in First Floor Power together with Jenny Wilson, Sara Wilson and Per Lager. We met and bonded over a mutual love of Mississippi Records and joined forces to put on their touring showcase film/talk/DJ set this summer to great success. He gave me one of his albums, I loved it and here we are! This is collection of 22 (almost lost) recordings named "Aunts 'n Nieces" from 2002 to 2012 including demos, unreleased jams, early stuff from rare 7"s, collaborations, remix's, alternative versions, covers and live recordings. Its a stunning collection involving a whole range of guest musicians, ideas and re-workings of songs, many of which really get happily stuck in the head. Each tape comes with a sheet of extensive scribbled notes on every track from the man himself in true Mississippi mixtape style!
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