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DJ Bongo Man “Legon Flutes” Oma333 Nr.005

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DJ Thi-Lot “*blip* soundtrack [on]” Oma333 Nr.006

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Oma333 No. 004, UFOFBI “Dreamtrash Dreamtrash” out now.
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Oma333 No. 004, UFOFBI “Dreamtrash Dreamtrash” out now.

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Interview about tapes with Adrian Hörnquist and my top ten favorites

Howdy tape fans

Here is an interview I had this week with Adrian Hörnquist for about tapes which includes my top ten and some stuff about my International Cassette Store Day event I’m having tomorrow, Saturday Sept 7th at Larrys Corner (Skanstull, Grindsgatan 35)
Its open 12 to 20 and five live acts will play from 15. Free entry
Oma333 will also have a selection of the special releases for this day and from various tape labels.
Hope to see you there

1. Did you grew up with cassette tapes and listened to them when you got into music?

Yes tapes were very much something that have been into my whole life. I always had a walkman, was very into taping stuff of the radio (mostly John Peel’s program), making mix tapes for people and spreading albums amongst my friends

2. Can you remember the first cassette tape release you owned? Or an early release you listened to?

No not really. As I said I tons of mixtapes all the time but in the sense of albums owned on tape I can remember fondly poppy things like Queen or Madonna’s Greatest Hits or REM Out Of Time. I do remember spending a hellva lot of time with tapes like Tricky’s debut Maxinquaye and Tori Amos “Under The Pink” to the point where it was impossible to tell what was on either tape as the text written on it had worn out 

3. What was the reason for you to start Oma333?

Well it started via a suggestion from Brian Shimkovitz (Awesome Tapes From Africa) in a discussion we were having about him sending me whatever tapes he had left before he moved back to the States from Berlin. I had the feeling that others would also be happy to pay that bit extra for special tapes like his and that I had enough cassette fans around me for it to work out. I then realized shortly afterwards that US postal charges had recently gone up like 60% and it was strangling a lot of small but great labels stateside. I had the feeling I could help and make something of this. I thought of Not Not Fun and Night People as more options of beautifully crafted tape releases that people here would surely be up for buying and Joachim Nordwall (iDEAL Recordings) mentioned my favorite label, Mississippi Records, and the amazing mixtapes that they do, which I was already a huge fan off!, as another idea. 

I then had a friend send me box of Mississippis from Portland and I was off!

I sold them before they even got here and the same with repeated orders of ATFA’s stuff. I now have nearly 20 tape labels on the go and have sold upwards of 100 tapes in 4 months

4. Where does the name comes from?

Oma is Dutch for Grandma and my girlfriend Pomme is from Eindhoven. I heard the word over Christmas dinner and loved the sound of it and then the look of the letters together even more. That was it really. I didn’t make the connection between that being an obvious link to my club name of Mother until she pointed it out later! ha! The 333 part relates to the exact time I was born and those numbers have always followed me around in life. Oma is also grandma in German which links to the fact that I was born in an English military hospital in Hannover, I guess.

5. Oma333 is both a distribution and label, right? What is the musical direction of the releases? What labels do you want to distribute and what bands would you like to release?

Right. My first plan was a label but then this happened. I’m also now doing some events under the name like the Mississippi Records event I did with singasongfighter this summer and the International Cassette Store Day event I’m doing at Larrys Corner this Saturday. Label plans have no direct aim, just things I like and think should be released, with a range as varied as the gigs I put on. Dream idea for releases are already on the go and the list of things I’d like to release could go on and on forever and hopefully will. Labels I’m distributing right now are; Escho, Not Not Fun, 100% Silk, No=Fi Recordings, Sahel Sounds, Little Axe, Headway, Crash Cymbals, Falcon, Hockey Rawk, Hästen och Korset, Clan Destine, Brosis and will soon hopefully have Goaty Tapes, Moptaco, iDEAL, Kosmik Väg, Night People, Music City, Channel Zero, Zeon Light, Kassettbolaget Svart Pyramid, Fonal Records and more

6. The cassette culture have had a renaissance during the recent years and is back and alive again. Why has it got a renewed interest do you think?

I personally see it more of a continuation as I’ve never stopped listening and buying tapes myself and neither have the people I have around me. But that being said I can see how it looks like a revival and I guess its impossible to not twin it a little with the resurgence in vinyl sales and add that up to the fact that people are just sick of having 2 years worth of music on their iTunes but still not knowing what to listen to from day to day and have also stopped caring as a result. 

7. What do you like with the cassette tape as a format for releasing music on compared to cd or mp3:s/digital? 

Well I think there are many ways to answer that question and bear in mind that its not as if I don’t like either CD or MP3 but I certainly feel its nicer to hold something like tapes than CD’s and especially these days when they are just something we put into our laptops and then dump in a corner. I personally like to take them out of their lovingly designed cases and putting them into my tape player or walkman, there are nice sounds in the process. I enjoy leaving a tape running and it flipping itself to the other side and back again. Tapes make me enjoy whole albums more and I genuinely prefer mixes in this form. Also tapes are much cheaper and easier for anyone to make and feel more like an actual release than say a CDR, partly because of the care and effort that tends to go into tape design.

8. The thing with cassettes that can be experienced as unpractical, that you must have a cassette deck to be able to play it (or walkman) - do you think that makes the cassette tape more unique and interesting than other formats of music? That it takes some effort to listen to it?

I don’t think it takes that much more effort to listen to cassettes. This world is full of walkman’s, little kitchen table boomboxes and also professional double tape decks. For those of you who don’t have them and want one, try spending 5 minutes in pretty much any Myrona or Stadsmission and donate 50kr to charity while your at it. I also think its nice to make a selection of music to carry and with your day ahead in mind, thats an interesting and nice ritual but not necessarily unpractical. We all know where the easy way has got us; almost to the point off switching off to music all together or at least becoming numb to it 

9. There are quite a few labels in US, Europe and Scandinavia that releases new music on cassette. Do you have any favourite labels? yes and they are proudly listened above in the ones I’m happily to be distributing or about to be. They’ll do for now

10.  Awesome Tapes From Africa is one of those labels who have specialised in releasing new or reissues of little known or overlooked music like obscure folk, disco and electronic artists from Africa. Why is the cassette tape suitable for this kind of music?

Well he releases on vinyl, CD and tape so I don’t know if thats so relevant, as does Christopher Kirkley of Sahel Sounds, who is well worth an extra mention here. It does feel nicer for me personally to add the slight tape hiss to some recordings of this sort but I also enjoy them just as much on vinyl. Africa does have a serious bond with tapes though, with most of its countries brimming with them, but on the other hand a lot of music West Africa is stored on cellphones also

11. Do you think that the renewed interest for cassette culture will reach out to younger listeners who haven’t grew up with cassettes or vinyl? Is there a future crowd/generation of music lovers for cassette tapes?

I like to think so yes and I have seen a positive response from them so far. I do hope the rest of them will move beyond the mere design of or look of tapes (iphone covers, tote bags, awful t-shirts etc) and embrace the feel and sound of them too

12. What are some of the upcoming releases and projects of Oma333?

Well the first release will be Gabo and the Wartels, a band from Gothenberg led by an extremely talented American musician who met a family playing on the streets, who at that stage included a 7 year old girl on bass drum, and asked them to form a band with him. It will be a mix of old and new songs and its all pure magic with a cover designed by Rasmus Westman (who made the Oma333 logo as well). Also on the cards is a collection of unreleased bits and pieces by Blood Music, a UFOFBI co-release with Hockey Rawk and Xavier García Bardón (DJ Bongo Man) just asked me to release his amazing mix known as Legon Flutes on tape for the first time! I also just asked R Stevie Moore if I could release a tape of his and amazingly he said yes. Fingers crossed that it will see the light of day. I plan to do the occasional event under this name also.

13. On September the 7th the first Cassette Store Day take place. What does this mean for the cassette culture? Do you think this could be an annual event like Record store day?

I think the response the organizers have had answers the question of what it means to cassette culture. They say themselves that they are still “in shock” that this day, which they thought would just be a one off event at Rough Trade East, has now become global with more than 60 events happening this Saturday from Venezula to Tokyo and over fifty special releases coming out just for this. Amongst them can be found bands such as Animal Collective, Flaming Lips, Peter Broderick, Deerhunter, Molly Nilsson and labels such as 4AD, Paw Tracks, Wichita, Bella Union, Fat Cat and Polydor. Some of these we will have on sale at Larrys Corner this Saturday in which I’ll present live acts; Mole Says Hi, Telephone Melts, Small Feet, Martine Herterich and Daniel Fagerström, all playing with tapes within their sets and all selling their own release. 

And yes I very much see this having a long and bright future and I’m look forward to its development and growth.

Top Ten
In no particular order
Label: Not Not Fun (LA)
Artist: Sand Circles 
Album: Midnight Crimes
I had known Martin Herterich, the man behind Sand Circles, for a couple of years before this tape and had previously booked him to support US Girls, under his own name, in the period in which he was doing his great piano and tape pieces. He’ll be performing a version of those earlier works this Saturday Sept 7th as a part of the International Cassette Store Day event I’m arranging at Larry’s Corner along with 4 other live acts and its free all day 12 - 20! 
I first saw him play as Sand Circles at a Masskultur event at Tropiska Föreningen and was stunned by his gig. It was totally different to the work I had known from him and his music reminded me of the sudden realization I had had many moons before over Aphex Twins Ambient Works Vol 2, (or moments in the work of early Leftfield and Chemical Brothers) which was that electronic music could really have a heart. I asked him if I could be involved in some sense straight afterwards and we worked for a while together on some gigs and stuff. I still try to help him all I can and its wonderful to see that these days people from Tel Aviv to Sao Paulo know his work and love his work
Night People (Iowa)
Peaking Lights 
Imaginary Falcons
I bought this cassette in Berlin at Bis Auf Messer on my thirtieth birthday on the recommendation of Helga a Swedish artist who worked there and who had a bunch of friends in common with me. I was in love with it instantly and got in touch with the band and ended up booking the Scandinavian wing of their first European tour the next year. They came a day early and so we had some good time to hang out before their amazing gig at Landet. They also contributed this track to the Mother comp which I put together two summers back. Worth mentioning the label as well; Night People run by the one man machine of Shawn Reed has released a stunning run of beautifully designed tapes by everyone from Dirty Beaches to EMA and from Naked on the Vague to Ela Orleans 
Awesome Tapes From Africa (New York)
The Dur Dur Band 
Vol 5
First came across this blog via myspace (amazingly enough) on the Mi Ami page and dug everything on it straight away. My good friend Nis Bysted (Escho, Thulebasen) is the man to thank for offering me the opportunity of welcoming him to Stockholm and he played his awesome tapes at Riche’s Lillabaren in the summer of 2010. He has since been back (last summer) and will in fact be returning tonight (Sept 5th) to play a free entry gig at Södra Bar within Södra Teatern. We kinda bonded that first day and have stayed in touch about stuff. He has always been nice enough to send me his releases a step or two ahead of schedule and they’ve always been so impressive. This one however completely floored me. I find myself returning to this tape time and time again as its just so incredibly good. I can’t help thinking it must have been so much fun to play in this band and thats a thought I almost never have for some reason! Tracks like Dholey and Tajir Waa Ilaah are just KILLERS and I simply can’t get enough of them. They’ve become staples in my DJ set too although tonight I’ll be happily leaving them out of my build up set from 20 before he plays from 22 to 1
Mississippi Records (Portland) 
Various Artists 
Afraid of the Dark’
Oh man where do I start here? I love Mississippi Records, both the shop and the label, so much and all their mixtapes mean the world to me! I’ve gone through long periods of listening to nothing else but their simply stunning tapes and each one is a goldmine! tapes full of anarchist girl groups, Indoniesian pop, spin chilling gospel, west coast punk, New Zealand downer indie and Ottoman classical music. All of them are titled beautifully; “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die”,  ”The Whole World Is Gay”, “Black Plastic Singing Flats”, “Death Might Be Your Santa Claus”, “Fuck You America” (which is an incredible well chosen list of Nina Simone songs)  ”Beautiful Dynamite!” and over a hundred more! Amongst my many favorites are “Trust Your Child” a collection of difficult children’s music, “House Of Broken Hearts” country music about the pain of love and “ Lullabies & Dream Songs” which is exactly that. 
All handmade and perfectly designed in the most loving ways, complete with handwritten lists of songs, and they can only be bought at the shop in Portland. Through friends there I’ve been getting lots of them either sent over and have been adding to my own collection as well as selling them through Oma333. They often get sold before they even get here as my friends know they are pure gold. I have about a third of the releases so far and I hope to have them all one day. 
My choice is an early favorite, MRC 016, a tape of simple but great rock and roll in the garage vein, Television, The Homosexuals, The Minutemen, Moe Tucker and this stellar live version of Afraid of the Dark by The Outsiders in which you can feel the energy of the room so vividly that its almost draining to listen to.
Long Live Mississippi Records!
Music City (Brussels)
DJ Bonzai Tarzan  
Un Remède Radical
This track will be included in the future Oma333 release of Legon Flutes
Xavier García Bardón, under the name of DJ Bongo Man, puts together some amazing tapes. The first time I heard one I was in a car entering Tampere in Finland on a dark, cold and wet day on the way to Sami’s (Fonal Records) festival. It was Legon Flutes which I’ve since realized  wasn’t actually a tape release but more of a mixtape thing and its full of very happy almost cheesy African music which was quite a contrast to world outside the windows that autumn afternoon. He was also DJing at the festival and I bought his 3 tapes of him and told him I was gonna bring him to Stockholm to DJ as soon as could which i did 2 months later. At this festival he also presented some films gave me my weirdest multi international moment to date; there I was, this English/Irish guy in a Finnish cinema watching a collection of Congolese music videos, presented by a Belgian with a Spanish name with a bunch of Swedes! HA! 
Anyways one of the tapes I bought was called Un Remède Radical and its made by a friend of his under the alias of DJ Bonzai Tarzan and its great! full of heavy dub spirals, swarms of jungle pipes, synth African jumpers, Brasilian beauties and back to the lightest reggae in fun little skips. Plus a bunch of tunes that its impossible to describe. I also have fond memories of little tours and the fun gang sat around the campfire at Hultsfred 2011 listening to Xavier’s tapes Radio Nudism and Choc Thermique. 
And now he’s just told me he wants me to release a tape of Legon Flutes on Oma333! exciting news! Stay tuned
Sahel Sounds (Portland)
Various Artists
Saharan Cellphones Vol 1
I first got to know Christopher Kirkley quite recently when he got in touch about a possible gig in Stockholm of one of his bands he has put out. I was a month into my summer off and this was my biggest test yet to resist. I already had a couple of his records and had just his “Guitar is my Best Friend” tape and had heard about his Saharan Cellphones series. The gig didn’t happen in the end because of visa issues but he still came to visit and brought me loads of tapes with him. They are all great but I say this is the cream of the crop as it really covers the whole scope of wonders within the different types of African music. Proper great hip hop next to market stall bands, desert blues sat beside to autotuned genius that will melt you. “Music from Saharan cellphones is a compilation of music collected from memory cards of cellular phones in the Saharan desert. In much of West Africa, cellphones are are used as all purpose multimedia devices. In lieu of personal computers and high speed internet, the knockoff cellphones house portable music collections, playback songs on tinny built in speakers, and swap files in a very literal peer to peer Bluetooth wireless transfer.” This was released on cassette in 2010 and many of the songs were unlabeled, giving no insight to their mysterious origins. Over the year after that the artists were tracked down to collaborate on a commercial release. As such, 60% of the proceeds go directly to the artists. 
Chris is an inspiration and one day I’ll get him and his gal over here to DJ. 
Mark my words
Hockey Rawk (Stockholm/Gothenberg)
Mole Says Hi  
Spanking Pot Plants
Live version of Very Close to Mars
Rebecca Digby is a genius. In her art and in her music. I’m glad to have been one of the many to encourage her to exhibit way back in the day and I think its just perfect that she’s about to play for her fifth time at one of my events this Saturday at Larrys Corner. I first saw her live at Lava’s Swedish cassette scene event, funnily enough, and found myself very impressed, offering her gigs straight after the show. Her songs could be described as a form of twisted pop, packed with multitudes of inventive loops with everything from balloons to door creaks involved. I also think her lyrics are simply incredible and the song titles! “Put Some Jam On My Nose”, “Every Other Tooth Change Places”, “Kidney Affect” Comparisons could easily be made with such greats as Lydia Lunch, Broadcast, White Noise or Tickley Feather. Her work is certainly a big part of why I’m so inspired by the out put of the label Hockey Rawk who describe her music as “Sometimes it sounds like David Lynch pressing early Smog through a meatgrinder.” Do please pay close attention to the lyrics in the linked live clip of “Very Close To Mars”
Ominious Recordings (Stockholm)
På Apoteket 
Munnen are my heroes. I’ve now known them for many years since the days of booking their older bands or solo acts such as Floe Fountain or Telephone Melts (which is Martin’s stuff and will perform with tapes on Saturday at Larrys) and its been such an honor to watch them grow and evolve. They blew my mind the first time I saw them at Lava, in their first week of gigs, and I offered them the Iceage support slot before they had even left the stage. Two weeks later I decided I couldn’t wait and asked them to play Södra Bar and we had a great night! I asked them to let me manage them after that gig and we’ve been working together ever since. This tape was the result of such hard work from the boys and they deserve full credit for every aspect of it. It might as well have been self released. I insisted on paying to make sure I got one of each of the fabric colors they put out. So many old favorites on this tape like Brutal, Pip and Mitt Zoo but I had to go with Eros as I love it so much and have fond memories of me ohhhhing and ahhhhhing out of tune at the boys at many a gig. New exciting developments coming soon for these guys. Eyes peeled
Kosmisk Väg (Malmö)
This band are a classic example of one that I just stumbled across and then went out of my way to track them down. I have a feeling it was Johan Öhman Sollin that helped me find them but I may have got that mixed up with the fact that Time Deleters supported them at their first Mother gig of many. 
I actually have a big thing for this label Kosmisk Väg (which these two band members I believe) and am very much looking forward to selling their tapes. They are a fine example of the many great swedish labels that put a huge amount of time and effort into making very beautiful and very small runs of fine tapes.
This Skeppet tape is spellbinding and I fondly recall being on a bus back from Gothenberg years ago and being sent into a trance by it. Seriously great stuff within the worlds of the ever increasing possibilities of the umbrella word of “kraut”
Band made and released (Stockholm)
Dec 14 2012
YEAH! one of the best bands ever and a future Oma333 release I’m happy to say! This trio are good friends, Jeffrey, Rebecca and Kevin and I told them that I’d give them a gig just based on the name of the band and the fact that they were all the same height. I never did get the chance though, in fact I missed their first 5 or so gigs, so that when I did finally see them my expectations were sky high! they didn’t disappoint. Not even slightly. In fact I thought they were amazing. Its perfect DIY, lo-fi, pop music from the weird and wonderful world of other home taping geniuses like Daniel Johnston, R Stevie Moore or Ariel Pink. They all swap instruments between each song, and take their time about it and they all share vocal duties also. Its such a shame that Jeff had to move back to the states but I won’t let that kill this band. We are just gonna have to figure that out somehow for the sake of the world! I include this tape in this list not just because its full of great songs but is an example of the thousands of bands every day who record wonderful tapes in their own rehearsal spaces and then copy 10 or 20 of them just because they can and thank christ they do!  

a tape label and distribution 

coming soon…